DIY “UP” Inspired Honeymoon Jar

DIY Up Inspired Honeymoon Jar

One of my favorite people on this planet is getting married in August, and I’m fortunate enough to get to stand up there with her while she takes her vows.

She’s a huge Disney fan, but it goes even deeper than most people’s love of churros and taking photos in mouse ears— Disneyland has been a safe haven for her since she was very young, and it holds a special place in her heart.… Read the rest

Ten Months Old 

B 10 months

Dear Bennett Franklin, please stop growing.

How? How has it been ten months already? I can’t. I just can’t, you guys. I’m having the hardest time wrapping my brain around the fact that my very last baby is almost a year old.

He is a sassy, cheery, bouncy, bundle of roley poley goodness and I just can’t get enough.… Read the rest

The V Treatment

Lend Me Your Kite, Jan 2016-0030

(Photo: Brenda Munoz Photography)

Have you guys seen this video floating around? It’s pretty funny, and also pretty spot on.

I’m not going to lie— after my first, it wasn’t that bad. I remember only one instance where I was doing star jumps in my living room and felt like I might pee myself a little.… Read the rest

Caramel Cinnamon Toast Crunch Marshmallows

Caramel Cinnamon Toast Crunch Marshmallows

There is something about a gloomy day that throws me into high gear. I think it’s because I know that the kids DO NOT CARE if it is raining, or freezing, or if Dorothy is being flung to our front porch by a tornado— they are going to party anyway. So it’s not like I can just kick back in my pjs and veg out on old movies while I eat tomato soup and drink hot cocoa.… Read the rest

A Lesson In Kindness

A Lesson In Kindness

(You can be our “Raise Them Kind” tee HERE)

There’s been a lot of pressure to come to this space and sort of explain myself in regards to the HuffPost article I wrote.

And by “a lot of pressure” I mean that I’ve had like two people tell me to. But I value those people’s opinions, so I’ve been having anxiety over it.… Read the rest

Motherhood Sort of Steals Our Identities


For Mother’s Day, my Fit4Mom group in Long Beach that I am a part of decided to take candid shots of the moms and their babes to gift them with.

I don’t know much about photography, but I know enough to squeak by, and well— really my camera does all of the work. But I was asked to take the photos, so yesterday I met up with them after the workout and snapped away.… Read the rest

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