The Fragility of Motherhood

The Fragility of Motherhood

“Have I ever cleaned this window in the three years we have lived here?”

It’s the thought that surfaced over a sea of trembling ones as I stood in front of my kitchen sink. I had pulled a carton of grapes out of the fridge to clean, and as the water trickled down their skin I ran my fingers across the stems and thought about that window.
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10 Minute Look For The Hot Mess Mama


I was talking with a girlfriend yesterday about mommy fashion bloggers and we were baffled at how they have the time to look so put together all of the time.

Mommy Fashion Bloggers: I’m NOT dissing you. In fact, you impress me— like woah. I’m in awe of your time management skills and totally jealous of your Aphrodite-like appearance even in your “I woke up like this” posts— with your perfect pouty lip and your adorable little white dog curled up with you on your perfectly white couch (I’m looking at you, Hilary Duff).… Read the rest

Why I Buy From Mom Bosses (And Why You Should Too)


Photo: Brenda Munoz Photography

Another day, another Facebook invite for protein shakes or mascara or cleaning supplies— am I right? Seems like everyone these days is involved in some form of MLM (multi-level marketing) or home business opportunity that they are just dying to get you on board with.

I always feel bad when a friend asks me to have a virtual party, because I know the general consensus is a slow eye roll when we see a notification for “Sarah’s LulaRoe” or “Amber’s Stella & Dot Bash”.… Read the rest

6 FREE Fall Printables

6 Free Fall Printables

Fall is approaching whether you like to guzzle down pumpkin spice lattes or not, my friends. Personally, I am a fall addict.

It could be due to the fact that I was born just hours before All Hallows Eve, but I swear pumpkin runs through my veins, and I legitimately burn fall candles in my home year round.… Read the rest

Guest Post: How To Help Children with Sensitive Skin Handle Common Warm Weather Irritations


Though summertime may be coming to a close, many regions throughout the U.S. will continue to experience warm weather and the skin irritations that come with it. Many of us have experienced the itchiness of dry skin and bug bites, and the pain of blistering and peeling sunburns. It’s important that everyone take precautions for their skin, but it’s especially crucial to keep babies and children safe from these unpleasant conditions.… Read the rest



4:19 a.m.

“Dadda, you gotta snuggles me.”

Ten minutes pass, or at least what feels like ten minutes. Who really knows/or is brave enough to open their eyes and accidentally make eye contact.

“Dadda I gotta go pee pee on da potty. You don’t come.”

Twelve footsteps down the hall and 8 seconds pass.

“Dadda you come help.Read the rest

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