Eleven Months Old

11 months

I meant to post this yesterday, but Bennett is teething and Declan is potty training and it’s just been chaos over here. Also, sorry for the crazy photo blur. This guy is almost possible to snap sitting still these days!

If you’re tired of reading monthly updates about my Benny boo, you’re crazy— because he’s awesome— but never fear, because their time is coming to an end.… Read the rest

Free Father’s Day Printables

Father's Day Printables

Cards are expensive. It blows my mind when I walk out of a store with over $20 worth of paper that will most likely end up in my recycle pile within a week. That’s why this year, I decided to create my own for Father’s Day. And because I love you guys, I decided to share them for FREE!… Read the rest

Let Us Mourn

Let Us Mourn

Sorry, guys. I know I said I would post printables yesterday, but I’ve just been a wreck over the shooting that happened over the weekend. I will post them tomorrow, I promise, but it didn’t feel right coming to this space and not addressing this issue first.

Picture this: You decided to go out on a Saturday night.… Read the rest

Maybe Moms Really Are Superheroes

Moms Are Superheroes

Everybody tells you it’s a dream.

“You’re living the dream! Motherhood is such a dream!”

What they don’t say, is that it’s not always the kind of dream where Channing Tatum spoon feeds you endless amounts of mint chip ice cream, which has zero effect on your Victoria Secret model body. No, they neglect to tell you that sometimes it’s a straight up nightmare.… Read the rest

DIY “UP” Inspired Honeymoon Jar

DIY Up Inspired Honeymoon Jar

One of my favorite people on this planet is getting married in August, and I’m fortunate enough to get to stand up there with her while she takes her vows.

She’s a huge Disney fan, but it goes even deeper than most people’s love of churros and taking photos in mouse ears— Disneyland has been a safe haven for her since she was very young, and it holds a special place in her heart.… Read the rest

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