Nine Months Old

Guys, thank you so much for celebrating my hubba hubba with me yesterday. It was such a blast sharing that awesome photo shoot with you all and I’m so glad you loved it!

You’re probably wondering what I’m doing here in the space, two days in a row— I know, right? I’ve been pretty vacant as of late.… Read the rest

This Is How Everyone Should Celebrate Their Birthdays

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I guess you could say the end of an era is upon us in this household.

Derek and I have spent the majority of our 20’s together, and in 2017 we will be saying goodbye to them forever.

We always joke about how old we are. Of course, we know that literally speaking, we are still very young.… Read the rest

Straight Outta Jury Duty

straight outta jury duty

Dear Mr. Franklin: You are hereby notified to report for Jury Duty February 29th. Please call our toll free telephone number between the hours of 6pm and midnight to verify if you are needed at the Compton courthouse for service. 

“Yeah ok let me stop life and get on that.”

After browsing at that jury duty summons for well over a month the week had finally hit meRead the rest

Toddler Down


There we were, the four of us— backs flat, toes to the sky, covers at our chests— sardines in a king size bed. I was caught in the most awkward part of the bed— stuck inbetween the rarely slept on middle that felt raised compared to the sunken in spot that my left side was melting into.… Read the rest

Mother’s Day Giveaway

Mothers Day Giveaway

Being a mom is tough.

It’s rewarding, and fulfilling, and incredible— but hot-damn, it’s tough.

The reason things like coffee, wine, and dry shampoo are known as “mom essentials” is because we are universally in agreement that we are tired, stressed, and on our third day of not washing our hair.

But despite the things we have in common, we also have a lot of differences— and some of us have it easier than others.… Read the rest

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