Guest Post: How To Help Children with Sensitive Skin Handle Common Warm Weather Irritations


Though summertime may be coming to a close, many regions throughout the U.S. will continue to experience warm weather and the skin irritations that come with it. Many of us have experienced the itchiness of dry skin and bug bites, and the pain of blistering and peeling sunburns. It’s important that everyone take precautions for their skin, but it’s especially crucial to keep babies and children safe from these unpleasant conditions.… Read the rest



4:19 a.m.

“Dadda, you gotta snuggles me.”

Ten minutes pass, or at least what feels like ten minutes. Who really knows/or is brave enough to open their eyes and accidentally make eye contact.

“Dadda I gotta go pee pee on da potty. You don’t come.”

Twelve footsteps down the hall and 8 seconds pass.

“Dadda you come help.Read the rest

5 Minute Olympics Craft For Kids


5 Minute Olympics Craft For Kids

Happy 31st Hunger Games Olympics!

I’ll be straight with you, I’ve never been super into watching the games. But before you pick up your javelin to shove in my eye for saying that, let me just explain that it was never really a thing in my home to watch the Olympics and since it’s only once every 4 years, this will only be the second games since I’ve been a grown woman.… Read the rest

Neverland Themed First Birthday Party

Neverland First Birthday Party

I’m finally done throwing parties this summer— yay me!

Who am I kidding? I LOVE throwing parties.

But, I HATE the heat.

And lately, I’ve been feeling like Hansel and Gretel stuffed in the witches oven that is California.

I mean, no one in their right mind would throw an outdoor party in this disgusting weather, right?… Read the rest

The Trick To Potty Training

the trick to potty training

You would think I had learned my lesson by now, but for some reason whenever I see something tell me how to parent my oldest, I want to believe it can work for us so badly that I end up giving it a go anyway— even though my heart already knows it won’t work. Remember that bunny book that they claim has a 98% rating of getting kids to fall asleep?… Read the rest

How To Throw The Perfect Bachelorette Party


The key to throwing a good party is pretty simple: Know your audience.

It’s the same as writing a good piece or creating a graphic tee. And if there’s one thing I excel at, it’s knowing my audiences.

My cousin is getting married (yay!) and we had her bachelorette party last weekend. She really wanted to do a Disney weekend, so that’s exactly what we did.… Read the rest

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