I was ten minutes late for my first date with my now-husband.

It’s something I’ll never forget, because he’ll never let me live it down, but also because he called me and said, “Are you seriously standing me up?”
(Spoiler alert: I wasn’t).
Thing was, ten minutes late was practically on time to me. Up until I met Derek, I had absolutely no respect for time — mine or other people’s.
It wasn’t intentional, or at least, I didn’t see it that way. But truth of the matter was, that I had just never bothered to look at time as something of value.
It feels crazy to even say that now, especially as a mom. Time has become one of the most precious things of my life and I treat it like a treasured friend.
But back then, I was that person— the one who walked into the party just in time to catch the cake being cut or last present being unwrapped. Everyone knew that if they wanted me to be somewhere on time they would have to lie to me about the actual start.
And I excused my behavior as being just “how I am” and laughed off the frustration and comments I received from others as them being too uptight.
It wasn’t until I started dating Derek that I became aware of just how backwards my thinking was.
Where as I was under the impression that timelines were simply people’s way of being too serious, I came to realize that they were actually a sign of respect, love, and admiration.
Derek taught me that people’s time is valuable, because nobody knows how much of it they have. And that if you agree to be somewhere or do something at a specified time, you need to uphold and honor that commitment— because it lets the other person know that you value not just their time, but them as a person.
This lesson is one of the many my husband has gifted me with over the years, so when I was presented with the opportunity to partner with Jord Watches, I knew it would be a special way for me to gift him with something that holds a significant place in our relationship.
<img src=”photo of cool watch.jpg” alt=”JORD Dark Sandalwood & Burgundy Watch” title=”Sandalwood & Burgundy Conway Series ”/>
 I chose this gorgeous Dark Sandalwood & Burgundy watch from their Conway Series because the rich colors combined with the steel links reminded me of the sturdy, strong, full of conviction man I was giving it to.
I had originally planned to wait until Valentine’s Day, but I was too excited to wait.
Derek was excited before he even opened it because the box was so fancy.
The box alone tells me that this watch is nicer than any I’ve ever owned!”
Giving the gift of time to the man who taught me all about its importance, felt so special. And knowing that he will pass his lessons on to our boys makes me heart swell up with pride.
<img src=”Cool watch.jpg” alt=”JORD Dark Sandalwood and Burgundy Watch” title=”Dark Sandalwood & Burgundy JORD Watch”/>
<img src=”Cool watch.jpg” alt=”JORD Dark Sandalwood and Burgundy Watch” title=”Dark Sandalwood and Burgundy Watch”/>
Oh, and did I mention I get to gift you guys too? Because I do!
JORD has ever so graciously offered to give one lucky reader $100 gift code to use on the JORD site! But wait— there’s more! (I couldn’t help myself). But seriously, there is more.
Everyone who enters the contest will automatically receive a code worth $25 at the end of the contest. So even if you don’t win, you still basically win! That’s basically the best kind of contest there is.  CLICK HERE TO ENTER NOW!
They have incredible men’s watches (HERE) but they also have gorgeous women’s watches as well (HERE). So hey, what I’m basically saying is— you don’t have to use your winnings towards your man. (Seriously, I won’t tell!)
*This contest will close on February 12, 2017 at 11:59pm. Both the $100 and $25 codes will expire on 4/30/2017. *
<img src=”JORD watch giveaway.jpg” alt=”JORD Watch” title=”JORD watch giveaway”/>
Good luck, sweet friends! I’m so excited for you because I know you’re going to love their watches as much as we do. Go check them out, and let me know which is your favorite! I’ve personally got my eye on the Purpleheart & Plum from the Frankie series.
<img src=”Frankie.jpg” alt=”JORD Frankie Purpleheart & Plum Watch” title=”Frankie Purpleheart & Plum”/>
*Image from JORD*
I mean, come on. How gorgeous is that? Can’t wait to hear your favs!

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