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Hey there!

I’m Andi, and let me just start by saying that I am thrilled to have you here. LMYK was started back in 2012 when my mom was going through a stem cell transplant and I needed an emotional outlet to cope. Blogging became my passion, and as my life has changed, this space has as well. Now, I chronicle my life as a stay at home mama to two rambunctious boys (Declan + Bennett).

When I quit my day job to do the full-time mommy thing back in 2013, I had no idea just what I was getting myself into. Motherhood is the most rewarding, terrifying, exhausting, joyous thing I have ever experienced. I believe that our trials are just as significant to our story as our triumphs, which is why I do my best to provide an authentic peek into the beautiful chaos that is motherhood.

After years of making excuses, I finally decided to go for my dream and open up the LMYK apparel line. I have a deep love and appreciation for women who choose day in and day out to raise children, and I wanted to create a t-shirt line for them that embraced all of the feelings we have as moms. My shirts are things I say in real life, because I believe that your clothing is a representation of who you are— and well, this is who I am.

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